Architects Prefer Our Daylighting Products

Our square daylights maximize light transfer making it possible to thoroughly illuminate interior spaces with fewer daylighting units compared to standard round-design daylighting products.  Our standard sized SLX series skylights cover 400-1300 square feet using one skylight.  Our ability to custom build our products to any size allows architects to incorporate our products into any green building project.

Daylighting Products For Skylight Retro Fitting

Skylight retrofit projects are excellent candidates for our daylighting products.  Our square daylights can be custom made to any size, making retrofitting existing skylight spaces with our square daylighting products an easy solution.

Square Solar Tubes vs. Round Solar Tubes

Our square-design commercial skylights deliver up to ten times more natural light than traditional skylights, and significantly more light than cylindrical-tube daylighting products.  The square-design solar collector, square reflection tube, and square prismatic diffuser produces more light than rounded-design daylighting products, making our light well ideal for commercial applications requiring maximum light transfer.

Natural Lighting Products

In addition to providing the highest quality, most natural light possible, daylighting products help to reduce and eliminate energy costs from electrical lighting.  Large commercial operations with significant lighting requirements can reduce energy costs so greatly that savings on energy exceeds the cost of daylighting installation or retrofitting within a few years. Daylighting provides higher quality light than electrical lighting for lower long-term costs.

LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

New construction or retrofitting utilizing our daylighting skylights may help your construction project earn a green building certification from the LEED organization.  An LEED certification is the most prestigious recognition of green building practices a building project can receive.  Visit for more information about certifying your daylighting project.

What is Daylighting Technology?

Daylighting technology uses sophisticated optical materials to capture natural sunlight, redirect light using highly reflective materials, and evenly diffuse natural daylight into interior spaces, all without the use of any electrical energy.  When daylighting is implemented well, homes, stores, commercial buildings, and factories enjoy high quality, natural lighting.

Tax Credit Info For Reducing Energy Use

Using our commercial daylighting systems to reduce your business’ energy use.  Reducing your business’ energy use may earn you state and federal tax credits.  Seek professional tax consultation, or review your federal and local tax regulations and policies to learn how to earn tax credits from your daylighting systems.


Norris Elementary School - Bakersfield, CA   Davis Monthan Air F orce Base - Honeywell   Buena Park: 35 – Daylite Series 4 x 8 Units with Light Extraction Strip   Daylite delivers unique natural lighting system for Doha, Qatar-Exposition Center. Doha Qatar
Norris Elementary School
Buena Park
For schools it's essential to reduce electrical consumption and to have   The DayLite Company was contracted by Honeywell International Inc. to perform   35 - Daylite Series 4 x 8 Units with Light Extractio   The Qatar-Exposition Center project called for 65 Natural Lighting Units, each