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Daylite Natural Lighting Solutions is an experienced, proven solutions provider of innovative commercial and industrial Daylighting designs that use natural lighting systems via our SkyLite line of skylights, that eliminate up to 90% of electrical lighting needs during daylight hours, maximizing energy efficiency and reducing energy costs. The use of Daylite’s Skylite system in green building design affords the customer the opportunity to earn  LEED credits in several categories.

For over 20 years we have installed daylighting solutions worldwide for commercial, industrial, military, government, retail and education applications to take advantage of the what the sun offers us for free: natural sunlight. Offering up to 10 times more light than a traditional skylight, our hybrid SkyLite products are an excellent solution for new construction or retrofit, do not discolor or leak, and carry a 20-year warranty.

We offer full design and customization services and impressive energy efficiency analysis to show how your new or retrofit project will benefit from daylighting solutions by Daylite Natural Lighting Technologies.

What is Daylighting?

Daylighting is the process of designing, constructing or retrofitting architectural features on either new or exisiting buildings, that permit indoor spaces
to be illuminated with an optimal level of Natural Lighting during the daytime, helping to offset expensive electric illumination.

Documented increases in occupant comfort, task performance, even student score improvements
Energy efficient, lowers utility bills, reduces overall emissions from power plants
Lessens energy demand for air-conditioning in summer by reducing heat by-product of indoor lighting

Toplighting is a very efficient form of Daylighting

Daylite Natural Lighting Solutions takes the benefits of Daylighting further by providing Toplighting Products and Services. Toplighting (skylights) works to maximize daylighting in that:

Toplighting brings light into centralized areas
Daylight is available from both ambient lighting from the sky and direct sunlight
Modern transparent and/or translucent glazing can avoid glare, aid in capturing sunlight at low angles and diffuse light to wider areas
Toplighting is 3 – 10 times more efficient than sidelighting (windows) even on cloudy days

Source: American Architectural Manufacturers Association – www.aamanet.org

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John Mors, founder Daylite Natural Lighting Solutions

John Mors

Founded in 1992, Daylite began as a sole proprietorship owned and operated by founder John  Mors. Through John’s dedication to global needs-based technology research and development we are becoming the most well-respected and widely recognized natural lighting company in the world. With teams dedicated to each division of the nation, a team dedicated to global partnerships and an executive leadership team we are achieving the most advanced natural lighting solutions for our clients.

Our corporate office and manufacturing facility is located in Ventura, California.

Daylighting Design Services

Daylighting Design Services - Daylite Natural Lighting Solutions   

We Install What We Manufacture

At DayLite we believe in building partnerships with customers by developing strategies that reduce operating cost and maximize savings through a thorough understanding of their lighting needs and current energy consumption. Capitalizing on DayLite’s experience and knowledge, typical customers have reduced their operating and maintenance costs by 35% or more with no up-front capital investment .

Utilizing project contracting, DayLite can deliver a comprehensive conservation project that is entirely self-funding. The cost of the project is paid from the savings realized. This approach will usually generate positive cash flow, since the customer avoids both the capital costs required to upgrade outdated facilities, and the annual costs required to repair and maintain those facilities. DayLite is also adept at securing financial incentives offered by utilities, as well as state and federally funded resources.

DayLite is also prepared to arrange market-competitive financing from a pool of third-party lenders. Whatever the financial arrangement, performance guarantees and longterm savings contracts assure each customer of costs savings and cash flow benefits.


Turn-Key Installation

A dedicated ‘Client Services Team’ who will provide for you…

Lighting and Skylighting inspection, evaluation and analysis

Lighting and DayLighting Design and Specification

A Client Service Agreement and Cost Benefit Analysis

A Client Service Agreement Guarantee


Our Client Services Team:

Sales Engineer

Client Services Coordinator

Technical Engineer

Project Manager

One of our greatest strengths lies in our ability as a team to investigate and identify the areas of improvement within a potential clients existing system, and to design and implement a Natural Lighting Solution. . . .which allows our clients to reap the benefits of the healthiest most cost effective light in the world.