Why Architects Prefer Our Daylighting Products

Our square daylights maximize light transfer making it possible to thoroughly illuminate interior spaces with fewer daylighting units compared to standard round-design daylighting products.  Our standard sized SLX series skylights cover 400-1300 square feet using one skylight.  Our ability to custom build our products to any size allows architects to incorporate our products into any green building project.

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Daylighting In Schools Report Download PDF

This report is an investigation into the relationship between Daylighting and student performance. The study analyzes test score results for over 21,000 students from three school districts. It includes a focus on skylighting, and isolates other variables associated with daylighting from windows, such as view and ventilation. The report strongly supports the thesis that daylighting benefits performance by 20%, and can be translated to other building types and human activities.

Skylighting and Retail Sales Download PDF

This document is a report on the effects of skylighting in retail stores. On behalf of the California Board for Energy Efficiency the Heschong Mahone Group established a statistically compelling connection between skylighting and retail sales. Skylights were found to be positively and significantly correlated to higher sales. Today, a number of national retailers have adopted skylighting as a standard design feature.

SLK Skylite by Daylite Download PDF
The SkyLite™ light wells, unlike traditional “skylights” are designed from a new generation of materials. Light collimation and diffraction from these units provide an ideal spread of healthy, natural light within the workplace and facilities. These units provide up to 5 times the Light output over conventional skylights.