Buena Park

Buena Park

The Daylite Skylite Series for this project features 39 4x8 units with light extraction strips. The 50,000 square foot training facility in Buena Park requires a high-performance commercial daylighting system that is capable of spreading high quality natural light passed the architectural purlins and evenly throughout the entire area of the facility.

The Daylite Skylite Series patented light diffusion system produces as much as 10 times more light than traditional skylights, offers wider, more evenly diffused natural light while eliminating heat transfer. With more than 98% specular reflectance of light, Skylite maximizes daylight throughput and intensifies and heightens the true colors of the surroundings, providing a vivid effect on the work surface. Working under full-spectrum natural light, increases productivity, heightens energy and creates less eyestrain than standard electric lights.

The installation at the Buena Park training facility took 10 days to complete and allows for less roof penetrations than a traditional skylight as well as providing insulated units with no heat gain or loss. The facility was able to eliminate any need for electrical lighting. The Skylite Series, also referred to as “solar tubes” or “light tubes”, is an ideal solution for architectural structures both functionally and economically.

This project saves an average of $11,297 per year in electrical costs and offsets sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and carbon dioxide pollution by a combined amount of 200,137 pounds per year.

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