Davis Monthan Air Force Base – Honeywell

The DayLite Company was contracted by Honeywell International Inc. to perform comprehensive daylighting upgrades for 10 buildings within the Davis Monthan Air Force Base via the Energy Savings Performance Contract that Honeywell held.

The project included a turnkey Audit, Analysis, Design and Implementation. Over 250 DayLite High Performance 4 x 4 SkyLites were installed to supercede the electrical lighting during daylight hours. Daylighting and Lighting Controls were used to Automatically adjust the electrical lighting to respond to the amount of daylight. As a result first year savings for the total project will be over $100,000.00

• Over 242-1000watt HID, and over 625-400 watt HID, lights were turned off during daylight hours!

• A 45% reduction in maintenance cost has been realized!

• The project became self funding over a 5 year term!

• Lighting Quality was improved drastically, allowing for a better work environment!

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