Doha, Qatar-Exposition Center

Daylite delivers unique natural lighting system for Doha, Qatar-Exposition Center. Doha Qatar, January 21, 2011.

Daylite Company, a creator of natural lighting products for industrial and residential installations, announced completion of a major installation for the 1 million square foot Doha Convention Center in Qatar. This facility includes the Doha tower a 112-story structure that, when completed, will be the world’s tallest building!

From the January 21, 2011 Press Release:

Daylite CEO John Mors said “The project began in February 2009 when we were contacted by Burns & McDonnell Architecture of Kansas City, MO. They were interested in illuminating the facility using our natural daylight collectors, but with an added twist. The units had to develop a star-like effect in the ceiling grid. They had contacted all the major skylight manufactures’ in the U.S.A , and nobody wanted to take on the project…. Of course, we accepted the challenge.”

Ideas and designs were produced, and a package of drawings was submitted to the client for approval. In November 2009, they came back with an “Invitation to Bid” consisting of 165 pages together with an international Letter of Credit from Mid-Mac Six Construct, the prime contractor. The project called for 65 Units, each 6 feet in diameter by 16 feet long. The process of matching ideas, materials and fabrication was finalized and a quote was submitted. The Letter of Credit had a drop dead deadline of Aug 31, 2010.

Daylite’s quote was accepted in February 2010. The client requested a “Sample Unit” for installation and review, prior to approval of a contract. The unit was manufactured and shipped via air freight within 3 weeks, as requested. One month later, the sample unit was installed at the Doha Center. The installation was approved and local manufacturers were contacted for production drawings to be re-submitted for approval. Prior to giving production the green light, these drawings were turned over to the prime contractor for signature.

With the drawings signed, all manufacturers were given the go ahead with the timeline a main concern. 1040 Aluminum rings, 65 upper mounting flanges, 4,000 lbs of aluminum sheets and 65 upper shut-off louvers begin arriving at our Oxnard facility. All materials were painted and crated for international ocean shipment.

By August 19, all materials were packed into 52 crates and loaded into 3-ocean containers. The containers were delivered to Long Beach, CA, much earlier than the Aug. 31 deadline, to await the cargo ship. If the cargo had not been on that ship by Aug 30, we would have been discrepant of the Letter of Credit and at risk of contract renegotiation by default.

On August 27, we were informed by the ocean carrier that the “Colorado” had loaded our cargo and had already sailed for Qatar.

Noted Mors, “The job was completed thanks to the team of people who helped ensure the success of this project. Among them we are most grateful to:

Mrs. Via Marcellos, with City National Bank, Los Angeles, who provided 30 years of experience in International banking, and kept us on track with the Letter of Credit documentation process.

Mr David Habib, International Attorney, Westlake Village, Ca, who generated all of the documents needed to conform to the Letter of Credit. His encouragement throughout the process and his experience with Middle East business were invaluable assets.

Mr. John Watscho with Norman-Kreiger Inc. of Rancho Cucamonga, California, who had the experience in international shipping, so valuable to us in drafting the documentation for the Master Bill of Lading for ocean transport.”

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