Haas Automation

Haas Automation

Haas Automation is the largest machine tool builder in the Western World and a leader in high tech innovations and rock solid engineering. Located in Oxnard, California, the 1,000,000 square foot manufacturing facility for machine tools previously operated using traditional skylights. However, the traditional skylights lacked the horsepower needed to adequately charge the space. The previous skylights were unsuccessful at providing enough quality natural light for the massive work surface. Thus, delaying productivity and obstructing efficiency. The manufacturing facility looked for a solution to curb its architectural shortcoming.

Daylite Natural Lighting Technologies was able to provide a natural lighting solution that is the best of any. Daylite experts chose to design and install Daylite Skylite Series because of its capability to deliver plenty of light for the large-scale work environment. The natural lighting solution would dramatically improve light quality as well as intensify and heighten true color. By retrofitting the existing skylights in the facility, Daylites Patented Skylite Units, also called “Solar Tubes” and “Tube Lights”, increased lighting levels by 6 times. The 272 custom built 4x8 Skylite Series units took only two months to design and install. The natural lighting solution dramatically improved light quality inside the facility as well as offered a more evenly diffused natural light.

It has long been said that working or studying near a window or natural light enhances performance and increases productivity. Workers noted an immediate improvement in lighting conditions and said that the high quality natural light helps in the assembly of machine parts. Not only is natural lighting a contributor to the company’s success, but it is also a big help on the environment and the Haas bottom line. The daylighting project allowed the company to eliminate use of the 702 T5 lamps, saving an average of $80,866 a year in energy costs. The new natural lighting solution was also effective at reducing sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and carbon dioxide by a combined amount of 1,432,572 pounds per year.

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