Las Vegas

Las Vegas

The building in this project is a 40,000 square foot one story international training facility in Las Vegas. The Skylite Series, also known as “solar tubes” or “light tubes”, are spaced at 30 feet increments and provide an evenly spread pattern of high quality natural light throughout the facility. The daylighting system is also insulated, eliminating any heat transfer.

Daylite Natural Lighting Technologies can be designed for single or multi story buildings as well as for any light level. In instances when sunlight is not as abundant, Skylite can be incorporated into an electrical lighting system using a light level sensor and controller to maintain the desired amount of light, regardless of outside solar conditions. In this case, the natural lighting system allowed the occupants to eliminate the necessity for any daytime electrical lighting. The project was completed in 2013, and in 2014 there was an electrical cost savings of $19,324. The pollution offset was 920 pounds per year of sulfur dioxide, 938 pounds per year of nitrogen oxides, and 340,484 pounds per year of carbon dioxide.

Daylite Natural Lighting Technologies are available as part of planned architecture or as retrofits into existing structures. For this project, 66 4x8 Daylite Skylite units were part of the original production plans for the building. After retrofitting an existing building with Daylite Natural Lighting Technologies at a different location, the organization decided that the patented light diffusion system made the most sense. The recommendation from past projects indicates the level of integrity and skill at DayLite. The company has plans to complete similar projects in Texas and Nebraska.

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