Lassen’s Natural Foods

Utilized 26 Skylites© producing a total 650,000 lumens, equivalent to 765 60w incandescent light bulbs. Saving an approximate $28,145 in annual energy consumption.

Eliminated 164,854 pounds of coal fueled electrical generation a year as well as 133,485 lbs of Sulfer Dioxide emissions(main component in acid rain) and saving 781,191 lbs of Nitrogen Oxide (main cause of smog) released per year. Ultimately saving 283,373,485 lbs of Carbon Dioxide or greenhouse emissions a year!

From the April 25, 2006 Press Release:

Daylite Natural Lighting Technologies, Inc has just completed the installation of a major daylighting system at Lassen’s Natural Food market, 4071 East Main Street in Ventura, California.

The system consists of twenty six (26) proprietary high-technology Skylites TM manufactured by Daylite® at their Oxnard, California facilities.

The system provides 650,000 lumens of natural light, equivalent to 765 sixty watt incandescent light bulbs. Based on average electric rates in California, this represents approximately $28,145 in annual energy savings.

Daylighting is the most economical and environmentally responsible lighting technology available today. The system installed at Lassen’s Ventura store alone will eliminate 164,854 pounds of coal fueled electrical generation a year, reducing annual Sulfer Dioide emissions (the main component in acid rain) by 133,485 pounds per year and Nitrogen Oxides (the main smog causing component) by 781,191 pounds per year in addition to eliminating 283,373,485 lbs of Carbon Dioxide or green-house gas emissions per year.

Escalating energy costs, stricter pollution standards and an ever increasing body of scientific evidence on the benefits of natural light are driving a revolution in interior lighting. Daylighting offers numerous benefits in addition to energy and emissions savings. Studies have shown people perform and feel better in natural light. Students score better on tests at schools that have installed Daylite’s patented Skylites. “Lassen’s is a Natural Foods market, we care deeply about the health and wellbeing of our customers and our staff. Daylite’s system allows us to offer not only the healthiest foods but the healthiest shopping experience as well” states Peter Lassen, CEO of Lassen’s Natural Foods.

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