Norris Elementary School

Norris Elementary School – Bakersfield, CA 92007

The recent energy crisis has highlighted the necessity, not only to reduce electrical consumption, but to have back-up lighting in place. For schools, these requirements are essential during the school day hours.

The current population growth combined with existing overextended utility services means an ever increasing occurrence of loss of electrical power. This disruptive event effects the economy, but loss of illumination, especially in the current design of buildings for work place and retail outlets, introduces new problems of safety and security within these confines.

The new generation of Light tubes and Light wells are ideally suited and designed for both new and existing buildings. This system of natural light can be combined with electrical lighting for optimal light requirements. The tubes and wells provide insulation form the outside environment, and diffuse the light for an evenly balanced, and pleasing light source.

DAYLITE tubes and SKYLITE light wells should not be confused with traditional sky light since new materials used in the designs make full use of light collimation and light diffraction. These parameters greatly enhance architectural appearance, and at the same time, provide an ideal spread of natural light within the facilities. Whether it is a new design or a retrofit, these units can be installed in open frame ceilings (typically warehouses) or drop ceilings (typically office and retail facilities), and pitched roof or flat roofed designs.

DAYLITE COMPANY, based in Ventura, California has been producing light tubes since 1995 and with the recently added SKYLITE to their line of products, have been helping schools everywhere save energy and enhance their learning environments. John Mors, owner of the company says studies have proven that children learn better under Natural Light especially when daylight is the main source of lighting in the environment.

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