Natural Lighting For Your Home with DayLite™ Tubular Skylights

The DayLite Series Skylite is a single source of NATURAL, full-spectrum, cool white light that provides optimum, evenly diffused, maintenance free illumination in interior spaces for residential and retail buildings.

Help our environment, save energy and reduce energy pollution, all while saving money and improving productivity with the best solution available, DayLite’s lighting systems… naturally!

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DayLite™ 8″ & 12″ Tubular Skylights

Fill the room with healthy, natural light. And, save energy, which will also save you money!

The Daylite Tube is a highly reflective, cylindrical skylight, that runs from the roof down into a room providing the illuminance of full spectrum lighting. Sunlight enters the tube through a clear prismatic acrylic dome, which captures the light from all angles and collimates it down the reflective tube, to be evenly spread through out the room via a second prismatic diffuser lens.

On sunny days, the Daylite Tube can provide the equivalence of 738 Watts of incandescent light. Even on cloudy days, the Daylite Tube can provide 100 to 180 watts of illuminance.

Tap in to the free light source. Effective use of our most natural energy resource on this planet, the sun, ensures there is less depletion of the ozone layer and prevents air pollution.


• A factory sealed, prismatic dome on the roof providing complete isolation from external weather conditions.

• This prismatic dome and lower diffuser lens are multi-faceted prismatic moldings that capture and evenly diffuse the light.

• The tube material is Aluminum, the internal finish is a highly reflective vacuum deposition, also known as a first surfaced reflector not a laminated film which can peel off in time.

• Standard, proven, galvanized flashings ensure leak proof installation on your roof.

• The interior prismatic diffuser lens lights up to 150 sq. feet on the 8 inch unit, and 300 sq. feet on the 12 inch unit. And is simple to remove for quick cleaning.

• Easy to install, simple to maintain and it carries a 20 year warranty.


Measurements based on typical installation, that being 2 x 2’ lengths (per kit) or 4’ length of tube:

DLX150 8 inch unit is designed to light up to 150 sq feet.

DLX300 12 inch unit is designed to light up to 300 sq feet.

Mid day, clear conditions, approx. 90,000 lux delivers 4320 luminous flux. Equivalent to five 100W light bulbs

Dome is classified CC2. Material – high impact, pure acrylic: ASTM D 1547 Type II, Federal spec. L-P507, Type II

Dome Gasket/Seal uses a Poron gasket with silicon seal – ASTM C794-92, ASTM B 1929-B 350°C [660°F]

Flashing and Storm Collar – standard 26g galvinized steel per American Metals Company

Daylite Tube – 0.020 PVD coated aluminum 99.9% specular reflectivity at 60° angle (emmisivity = 0.03) – ASTM E 1651-94, 179-81 & 430-78

Trim Ring – ABS plastic thermal fit

Lower Gasket -1/16th CS Foam

Upper and lower prismatic Lens – 0.125? pure acrylic, with octaganal, multi-facet finish. Captures light through a full 170° angle.